Building A Community Brick By Brick

dsc_1365Have you ever heard the story of two men, one whom built his house on rocks, while the other built his house on sand?  Guess whose house lasted longer?  Spoiler alert, the house on rocks.

As you can tell I was never  a good story teller.  I tend to skip all the good stuff and get right to the end.  Which is why I am getting to the point right now.

You are only as strong as your foundation. 

Live Your Fitness would not be the facility it is without the strength of our community and family.  As much as we are helping you reach your optimal health and performance, you as a member, are helping to build our community.  We would not and could not be the facility we are without each and every one that has come through the doors.

Upon joining our community, each member is given a brick.  They have become a part of our foundation.  LYF is only as strong as the foundation we are built on, which is the principle of empowering others to find their true passion and purpose in fitness.  Within that brick they can write whatever they want.  This is a place to share YOUR goals, YOUR “why”, write words of encouragement etc.…  This is YOUR passion and purpose to share with others.

Not only is this a way to build the strength of our facility, but it is a way to bring our community together.  Every day you will see your words on the wall, as well as others.  This allows our family to hold each other accountable and to create a support group within the facility.  Most of us have similar goals, we just don’t know it.  Sharing goals with one another allows you to build the support group to help each other work together to achieve them.  Finding that purpose to help others along your journey to success is what Live Your Fitness is about.

So next time you’re in the facility, or throwing med balls against the wall, take a time to read the bricks and see what the Live Your Fitness foundation is built on.