Changing the Mindset Part 1: What’s Holding You Back?


2017 is right around the corner and with the New Year brings new resolutions. Most of these resolutions revolve around health and wellness:

“I will eat healthier.”
“I am going to stop eating fast food or drinking soda.”
“I want to lose (insert number) amount of pounds.”

Unfortunately, with most of these resolutions come excuses.
How do I know that? Look back over the years; how many times have you picked the same resolution to begin with? How many times did you make it past the first month before you found a reason to give up?

This post isn’t about goal setting or using S.M.A.R.T. to define a specific goal. Often, the forgotten part of these resolutions is that they aren’t always about the physical commitment, but more about the mental adherence.

What do I mean by that?
Training the mind to be mentally prepared to take on these endeavors is just as important as the physical nature of fitness. We spend so much time researching how to train, eat “right,” the next quick- fix program, and the newest gear to help us train, yet we tend to bypass the more important question; What are the mental limitations that prevent us from succeeding or even starting?

“I need to wait until I get into shape to start the new program.”
“I know what I need to do, I just don’t do it.”
“I’m not happy, I don’t like my coach etc. but it’s convenient.”
“I’ll start it next week.”

These are just a few of the excuses reasons I have been given as to why my clients haven’t taken the next step. Sound familiar? We have ALL been there. The issue is that we have been telling ourselves these excuses reasons over-and-over again and yet we never see it as the limiting factor. It is always “something else”.

Now you can’t lay all the blame on yourself. The fitness industry is partly to blame as well. Our industry is consumed with misleading marketing, images, and videos of the elite 1%. Every coach and client with ripped six-packs and glistening sculpted bodies, which are not photo shopped at all. (kidding)

It is put in your mind as a consumer from day one that you…
-must be a physical specimen to train
-can lose 20 pounds in 20 minutes
-need to take every supplement under the sun to reach your goals
Of course, you are going to have doubts and find ways to avoid get started with all this confusion.

The truth is, there is never a good time to start and we all know what we need to do to be healthy. The issue is actually doing it and breaking the negativity. You are in total control of your mind and it needs to be trained, just like your body. There are a few things you can do NOW to start prepping yourself for your goals and keeping a positive mindset.

1) Keep a journal. Write down your thoughts each day. Write the things you are thankful for and use the journal to relieve stress. This will help keep an open mind and rid you of negative thoughts.
2) Meditate and work on breathing techniques. Get your mind free and back into a positive state. Breathing can help bring you back into a parasympathetic state of relaxation.
3) Write out your goals. Seeing your goals on a daily basis keeps them in the forefront of your mind and will help keep you on track when making tough decisions.
4) Create a plan. Make a schedule with weekly and monthly check-ins. This will keep you in a routine and working towards a specific end date and goal.
5) Find a coach. Work with someone that will help set S.M.A.R.T. goals and can keep you in check. This can be another outlet for you to use to stay positive. Create accountability.
6) Surround yourself with positivity. Find an energetic and fun facility to train at. Working with like minded individuals will keep you happy, healthy and on track. Don’t settle for convenience.

You are in total control of your life and the path you choose to make it better. Don’t let a poor mindset derail the process.